Compatibility: This package is compatible with iOS iOS 14.0 to 15.9.

Bring a feature-packed version of the Android navigation bar to iOS.


- Home button, switch to previous app button, app switcher button.

- Quick actions to open your favourite apps and access your favourite iOS functions.

- Bring the curved screen effect from Android devices to iOS devices.

- Disable system swipe gestures.

- Long press on the bar to collapse it into a small window, which you can then tap to bring back the full-sized bar.

- And much more!


- iOS 14.

- All notched iPhones & iPads.

- Devices with home buttons might experience some bugs, as I don't have a home button device of my own, although I've done my best to support them.





iOS 14.0 to 15.9



  • Fix a few visual issues related to the "Dot icons" option and having an action button set to none.


  • Addeed the ability to rearrange each of AndroBar's buttons.
  • Removed RTL mode.
  • Rewrote the whole portion of the tweak related to the buttons in preparation for future updates.
  • Fixed performance issues with the ripple effect.


  • Fix a bug that would prevent the user from exiting a blacklisted app while the gesture mode is set to nothing.


  • Fix large empty space showing in the tab bars of many apps.
  • Improved compatibility for some types of apps.
  • Added a compatibility mode, which you can enable for certain apps if you are experiencing any layout issues (i.e. Twitter).
  • Reworked the gesture options. There is now 3 gesture modes (Stock, Swipe to show/hide, Nothing).
  • Made iPad only code only run on iPad.


3.1.2 re-release


  • Fixed the searchbar in Spotlight being off screen.
  • Fixed compatibility for old games that do not support newer devices' resolutions (i.e. Worms 3).
  • Fixed some other compatibility issues with some apps.
  • Fixed shome issues when show on keyboard was turned off.
  • Cleaned up some fragments of code.


  • Fixed issues with Safari.
  • Fixed resolution/distortion issues that could happen in apps that only support landscape orientations (i.e. games).
  • Not only did I add back the swipe to hide/show option, I also improved it a bit!


  • Now makes proper use of GSCommon for increased efficiency.
  • Fixed some apps not being shifted up to accomodate space for AndroBar.
  • Fixed some issues that would occur when the keyboard was presented in some apps.
  • Improved iPad support.
  • Rewrote AndroBar's initialisation proccess.
  • Icons now rotate depending on the device's orientation.
  • Made toggles in the preferences page dynamic, meaning that they will appear/disappear depending on certain conditions.
  • Fixed compatibility with tweaks like Edge.
  • Removed the option to hide the bar, because apps now get shifted up properly, so there will never be any content behind the bar.
  • Rewrote a lot of the code.


  • Improvements to the preferences page.