Compatibility: This package is compatible with iOS iOS 14.0 to 15.9.

A theme able analog clock for your Lock Screen!

Supports iOS 14+ (iPhone and iPad)

If you prefer classy analog clocks and are bored of iOS's default digital clock, then Analog for you! Analog adds a fully customisable analog clock to the Lock Screen with the following features:

  • Clock face and clock hand theming (Themers can design their own clock themes and put them up for download somewhere).
  • Customisable date complication.
  • A lock status indicator for devices with Face-ID.
  • A digital time complication.
  • Wallpaper colour detection.
  • Supports translations.
  • And many more customisable options!

For Theme creators:

Custom clock faces:

Custom clock faces should be 500x500px ".png" files named "Face.png". You should make a folder with the name of your theme, then place your "Face.png" inside. You can then place the folder you created in this directory "/Library/Application Support/Analog/Faces/".

Custom clock hands:

There is 4 main images needed to create a set of clock hands: "Center.png, Seconds.png, Hour.png, Minute.png". The dimensions for the files are as follows:

  • Center.png = 25x25px
  • Seconds.png = 16x120px
  • Hour.png = 16x101px
  • Minute.png = 16x120px

Similarly to custom clock faces, you need to create a folder with the name of your theme, then place those images inside the folder. After that, you can place the folder in the directory: "/Library/Application Support/Analog/Hands/".





iOS 14.0 to 15.9



  • Transitioned to libgscommon to handle most preference-related stuff for better maintenance.